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«Organize, advance, go with your flow, let that sparkle shine again that will illuminate your inner fire and show you the way to your own happiness».

Learn/relearn with happiness to organize your life for life.

About Eli Puerta

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Let me tell you about myself and why Well Being Organized (my website and life project) exists.

I am very happy to share with you the story of a normal girl: me, that manage to create the life she wanted.

Everything started far, far away, in a city called Medellín (the city of the eternal spring) in Colombia. I was born in a family of 2 (my little brother and me) with a father (a quite special man who shared with me all his beliefs, knowledge, and love for the rituals, sacred ceremonies, and chocolate) and a beautiful mom with a very strong character (that I got from her as well as her eyes). I have a lot of unties, uncles, and cousins. My very first memory of my life is an image of me at the age of 4 playing with a green dining room. I was playing to find the right place for my toys. That memory is the starting point of the most important part of the story of my life and the beginning of the manifestation of who I am in this world.

My childhood was lovely. It was full of nice memories, roads trips on the amazing mountains of Colombia, and fun. It was the period of my life where I got most of the information that I need to fulfill my life purpose (Ikigaï). Besides some “strange” events and some “out of normal” experiences, I had to face situations that created the fears and blockages I have in my adult life, like most of us. And I will not say that it was my parent’s fault! Far from that! My childhood was beautiful.

My teenager’s period was a little less fun, when I was 14 years (and a half) my mother died suddenly. She went to have her usual afternoon nap and never wake up again. As in all the cultures around the world, I inherit all her stuff (including a dolls’ collection). I decide not to keep any of the objects from my mom because they made me feel sad, and that decision change my life. My decision of not keeping anything from my mother worried my family, so they decided to take me to a psychologist. I accepted without knowing that that person was going to be a guide in my life. He was not only a psychologist, but also a life coach and a shaman. I started my pad as a life coach with him. The second amazing event in my teenage period was my trip to the United States to learn English as a second language. I had the opportunity to leave with a Japanese family during the time and live in Atlanta. That was where I got most of the second half of the information and codes I needed to fulfill my Ikigai and become the person I am today: A tidying up & life coach.

After learning, I came back to Colombia and went to the university to study International Business. In my last semester, the university send me to Malaysia for an internship and on my way back to Colombia I made a stop in Belgium. During those holidays, I meet the father of my two beautiful daughters (Sofia & Clara) and, Brussels became my second city, since 2000.

For 15 years I worked as an Administrative & Financial expert. A job that gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about procedures and meet great people. After a magic trip to Japan and a very difficult period where I face a burn-out, I decided to finally change my career and come back to my Ikigai. I became, then again, a life coach and a tidying up consultant.

Since then, and during the last years,  I have been following different paths to find the way of being really me: a spark of joy, and to follow my purpose in life: support people in finding their own purpose in life and being happy and organized persons as well. I passed by different periods: chaos, sadness, and very dark situations, and thanks to those experiences I had learned a lot of how to be happy and well organized. But the most important thing is that I am following my Ikigai: supporting people to find their own Ikigai.

So this is me! Everything I share here on my website, in my online academy, conferences, and social media is my own way of seeing the world and an expression of myself.

So nice to meet you! I hope that you will take the time to look around and visit my blog, my services pages, and my online academy. I also hope that you will take the time to tell me who you are, I will be really happy to meet you. Furthermore, I believe that if you are here it is because of a reason and because we have a connection and I will be happy to find out what is the purpose of that link between you and me.

If you want to learn more about me and my experiences, there are several ways:

Newsletters: subscribe to it, and you will get from time to time interesting things about the experiences I am dealing with

Social Media:  I am in most of the social media as #wellbeingorganized

This is the most up-to-date version of myself. Like the world and the universe, I am constantly changing, so check back here from time to time to discover the new, updated version of me.

You will find the version “live” of my story and purpose in life in the following  video:

My mission:

I am a “little spark” in charge of illuminating / re-illuminating the inner light that shows us the path to our happiness and to our mission in life. I also share the collective mission of “Organizing the world” (#organizedtheworld) and inspire other people to live a life full of harmony and happiness.

What I do?

I do magic! Taran !: With a simple and easy method I bring up the harmony, organization and inner happiness that we are all looking for. I teach how to transform internal and external spaces with light and positive energy and with an easy and practical method of organization. It facilitated and promoted that change you are wishing to reach a state of happiness and harmony in balance with your expectations.

For whom?

For you, if you feel that your life is currently in total disorder, if you feel overwhelmed, tired without energy and do not know how to do each morning to start a new day. If you are looking to find / rediscover inner and outer happiness, harmony, inner peace, then my accompaniment is for you.

My job at the Hirondelle Center


My life mission is to help you find balance, simplicity, and happiness in your life in all aspects.

It is with passion that I follow the development of the latest high-level coaching techniques and teach them to my clients in order to help them find the easiest way to apply them in their daily lives.

I support you and back you up through personal development and coaching techniques. I provide individual coaching to children, teenagers, and adults who want to overcome situations such as :

  • Difficulties with motivation and clarity in life (I use the Ikigai method to find your life’s mission and the VIA/Nuances method to learn to know yourself better).
  • Unmanaged grief (death of a loved one, divorce, change of house/job/country).
  • Addictions (alcohol, drugs, games, video games, …).
  • Overload problems (stress, mental overload, burn-out, bore-out, depression).
  • A situation of disorder, clutter, or chaos in the home and/or working environment.
  • Blockages due to cultural beliefs. You do not find your place in society.
  • I also offer tidying method sessions (I am a Master Consultant of the KonMari Tidying Method) to learn to be orderly and disciplined).
Well Being Organized by Eli Puerta

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