Partnerships & Resources

I am happy to share my philosophy, values, and believes with different businesses/coaches/companies that are part of my network.

Together we can go far, together we can build interesting partnerships and contribute for a better world. 

Here is the list of the partners that I collaborate with:

Well Being Organized by Eli Puerta | Organizational - Life Coach & Certified KonMari™ Consultant​

Push N Plug

Member of the PushNPlug network

A fun and minding business network (Belgium Network)

Together we are stronger!

and we laugh more! This motto, which is completely in line with the devices of Well Being Organized – Eli Puerta, is the reason why I decided to take part in this Belgium network.

The “Pluggers”, (members of Push N Plug) are professionals who are super passionate about their profession and projects. Also, quite such inspiring people, starting with Jean-Christophe Bazin and Corine Bogaerts, Administrators, and Founders of the Network.

Unity is strength! This is also a motto that is clearly presented in the PushNPlug network affair through the “Plugs”: a way of joining forces, momentarily or durably, to create more overall value and offer prospects and prospects. customers more complete services, global solutions.

Imagine 40,000 entrepreneurs connected on social networks LinkedIn, Facebook, and PushNPlug newsletter.  Thus, the publications and service offers of members benefit from a considerable audience in order to promote your activity into the Belgium scene.

This user-friendly resource allows you to go back and forth between entrepreneurs at names, events, festivals, and workshops.

Join PushNPlug

Want to get part of this unique network and to get your business off the ground?

Contact me to discuss it… As a “Plugger of the PushNPlug network“, I will be happy to share my experience with you.

Mide la Felicidad (MIFE)

MIFE Emissary in Belgium

Fulfilling my life purpose (Ikigai) and the Well Being organized mission of promoting happiness at work, I have decided to become an Emissary of the Colombian company Mide la Felicidad.

A pioneer company in Latin America in the application of Organizational Happiness Measurements. This company has been the creator of the Happiness Index of clients and collaborators and its objective is to give companies a path to success and profitability through the BhiPro (Business Happiness Index Program) measurement model in Organizational Happiness.

Participate (totally free) in the World Measurement of happiness and you will have an example of the model that you can implement in your organization with our help. 

The Global Measurement of Happiness is a study where enthusiasts like you participate in answering a simple 1-minute survey to determine the happiness levels of employees in companies worldwide and to know what action plans should be implemented. Here is the link:

If you want more information about the BhiPRO (Organizational Happiness Measurement)and how to apply it in your organization, contact me and I will be happy to make a proposal according to the needs of your organization:

Well Being Organized by Eli Puerta | Organizational - Life Coach & Certified KonMari™ Consultant​

Life Booster

Coaching Program – “Life Booster” by Alicia Kara

I love her style! I love her philosophy of life. #MENFOUMENTAPE is her motto!! So being part of her network and talk to you about her unique program makes me super happy and it is with great joy that I share her “Life booster” program:

4 weeks to create a real revolution in your life!

  • Daily awareness
  • Questioning
  • Effective and powerful exercises
  • Daily support
  • Support with people who also follow the LIFE BOOSTER
  • All in the greatest possible simplicity. (Even a 3-year-old can do it!)
  • Unheard of, nowhere else

To register, you just have to click on the link here (and be careful, it will blow your hair):


Well Being Organized by Eli Puerta

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