Before – During & After

We are talking about The KonMari method
Written December 3, 2018
“Happiness is found on the way, not at the end of the road”

In my journey as a KonMari Consultant and coach, I have learned the importance of our history and our past. Also to respect and cherry the value of the things that have been part of our life. Keeping in mind the beginning of an experience or the first time I got something (a new job, a new project, new dress, new shoes, …) is important for me, not only because it reminds me the “why” I got it on the first place but also because it is the key to understand what is the value it will bring to me, what I will learn from the thing and/or from the experience. I personally believe that everything that happens and arrives in our life has a meaning and a reason to be. So for me, that is the importance, the thrilling of the Before!

Then, the experience with the object and/or the situation begins, we share things, we face our expectations versus the reality, we learn, we fall in love with the object and/or the situation or we just get mad and frustrated of it. We have to adapt, make changes, let go old ideas, believes. We have to learn, to adapt to the use of the new object or the environment of the new situation. Whatever is the path we go through the “During” is also in my personal point of view a very exciting and important part because it is the part where we learn the most of it and the one that allows us to learn and grow.

Finally, we get to the completion period. We end up the experience with the object and/or the situation. We get to our goal; we finish what we started. We get to the final result. We get to that “After” that we were working for. Most of the times, we think is over. There will we not another after, but also in my personal point of view, there are always chances to start all over again. To re-use an object or to restart a new situation again. To reinvent its utility, to reinvent ourselves.

In this blog post, I want to share with you the experiences that I have had as a KonMari consultant and coach and the before, during and after pictures of my experiences and jobs completed.

Let me start with my latest one:


1. My new office at home.

A few weeks ago, I have become a full-time KonMari Consultant and coach. I am not longer a mid-time consultant for EU projects! I started to re-invent myself four years ago when in a trip to Japan I found out that being a home/office organizer is my “Ikigai” (I will write the complete story in my blog later! Promise!). So here I am! Working as an independent organizational & Well-being expert from home as a full-time job, doing my dream job: helping others to have an organized, happy sparkling life.

I have a lot of place at home where to work: my little desk in the friend’s room, my husband desk in the living room, the garden table (during summer time) but I wanted to have a more joyful place, a specific place that I can call “my office” and I wanted to use my old “secretary desk” (that I got from a colleague 10 years ago) as my official desk. That secretary desk really brings me a lot of joy!

So I decided to let my creativity to express! And Bingo! I found the parfait place: My girls playing room!! So here is the Before picture of the side of the playing room where we store the toys:

I just move Clara’s toys to make the place for the desk in the middle of the cupboard. And the result was making me feel so happy already. But I knew, I could get the place even more joyful. So after a bit of tidying up Sofia and Clara’s toys, explaining to my husband what kind of painting I was dreaming about and getting the “happy family team” to work together, we start the work. During the time we paint and arrange everything, we got sure that the idea was excellent since by doing it, I solve one issue that has been always a problem when I work at home: the girls wants to be next to me. So being all together at the playroom actually allows me to be next to them and at the same time to have the space I need to work. The unexpected result is that I have been working next to them without been interrupted!

Here is Dominique (My lovely husband) painting the room for me!


The after picture is the one that made me the happiest, not only because this new experience of working as a full-time organizer is my dream, but also because I get the good energies from that “secretary desk”, from the playing room, from my girls. I get to see my garden; I even get unexpected visitors (see the picture of the neighbor’s cat)

Our playing room/my new office became the starting point of a dream come true! A magic place full of joy and happiness.