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Coaching & Personnel development, a real driver for positive change!

There are as many life paths as there are human beings, and we all encounter difficulties at certain times in our lives. It happens that certain events, certain stages, certain changes, are difficult to manage on an emotional and psychological level. Or we fail to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. In such situations, a life coach has an essential role to play. A coach is your professional, experienced guide who asks the right questions for you.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a tailor-made accompaniment of a person in a process of change/adaptation, at a key moment in his or her life, starting from the needs he or she expresses, until the complete achievement of his or her specific goals.

The coach has several concepts, tools, and techniques, which he has been trained to use, which allow the person being coached to become aware of what is needed to move forward.

The coach does not give advice. The role of the coach is to ask the right questions to help the client find their own solutions.

“Small steps lead to big changes.  If you are nervous about meeting with me for the first time, taking the first step is easier than you think! “

What is my role as your coach?

I accompany and support you through personal development and coaching techniques. I offer individual coaching to children, teenagers and adults who want to overcome situations such as:

  • Difficulties with motivation and clarity in life (I use the Ikigai method to (re)find one’s life mission and the VIA/Nuances method to get to know oneself better)
  • Accompaniment in life transitions (Divorce, Separation, Blended family, Single parent family)
  • Unmanaged grief (death of a loved one)
  • Addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, video games, …) (you can read my blog post about my addictions here)
  • Overload problems (stress, mental overload, burn-out, bore-out, depression)
  • Blockages are due to cultural beliefs. Not finding your place in society
  • Stress management/ Time management
  • Getting to know yourself better and rediscovering yourself
  • Realising your full potential
  • Make your plans a reality
  • Get rid of mental blocks and change limiting behaviors and beliefs to get rid of repetitive patterns.
  • Feel better and have more confidence and self-esteem and learn to assert yourself by setting limits
  • Improve your communication and listening skills to defuse conflicts

My life mission is to help you find balance, simplicity, and happiness in your life in all aspects.

Thanks to several coaching techniques, the support of my own coaches, and my personal internal work I managed to overpass all those situations, and I am able now to support and help you to go out of those situations forever!

You can read my blog post about my own coaches here

I can motivate you, challenge you, be your coach, and inspire you, but
the most important thing is that I can give you that «spark» that you
need to take the control of your own life.

It is time to take care of the most important person in the world: yourself!

Where do you find me for your coaching sessions?

We can meet in person at the “Les magnolias” Center, you can contact me here for an appointment, or go to a park or coffee place.

I also do online coaching sessions.

Client Testimonials & Transformations

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