The magic of tidying up

KonMari Method of decluttering

KonMari is an organizational method (almost magical) to transform our homes and/or offices, based on a very easy to follow rules that allow us to find what spark joy in our lives. KonMari is the mix of the surname (Kondo) and the name (Marie) of the Japanese who created this life-changing method that has become a worldwide trend

A sparkling version of you

Well- being inside out

If you are in a period of your life where your energy (physical & mental) is at a low level, if every morning you feel a great difficulty to start the day with a smile and being positive becomes harder. If the stress, burn-out, bored-out, sadness is your everyday situation. It is then the time to do a break and think about the person you want to be, let sit together and talk

Happiness is ...

Living the life of our dreams

The mess, the excess of unnecessary things in our lives, the consumerism, the stress, the lack of time, the physical and mental exhaustion push us every day to forget the things that are really important in life. The small moments of happiness, the things that we are passionate about, that inspire us still some where inside ourselves. Now is the moment to start seeing life in a different way. Now is the moment to reinvent ourselves once more.

Eli Puerta

I am a Consultant of the KonMari Method of tidying up, a life coach, a mother, a happy person. I know I am a "little spark" that will support you and help you to illuminates / re-illuminates your own inner light in order to be able to find happiness, your true reason for being and a good balance in your life. I also share the collective mission of "Organize the World" (#organizedtheworld) and I want to inspire other people to live a life full of happiness.

More About me

What my lovely clients say about me

I loved being coached by Elizabeth! Her positive energy, kindness, and professionalism immediately put me at ease and ready to listen. Elizabeth works with a lot of passion and heart.
She accompanied me at a crucial moment in my life: sorting and picking up the things I had piled up in the attic of the parents’ home for over 30 years before it was sold … She first helped me to sort out all my clothes, and then the papers and sentimental things that I had carefully put in boxes that were piling up under the dust in my parents’ house. These were emotional sessions, both because of the sale of the house, and for the sentimental journey through 30 years of memories, gifts, notes, and clothes. The “check of joy” allowed me to do this sorting in peace and with kindness towards myself and my experience. I learned to thank my past, even the hard times, for everything they taught me and brought.

(Ana-Luisa Fassbender)

Veronica_decastro: FR: La vie est magique : première rencontre d’une magicienne✨ 🎩 ✨du rangement qui, au détour des coïncidences que la vie nous réserve, a rencontré l’auteur de cette bible. Elle est juste partie et un air de fraîcheur flotte déjà dans la Maison. Merci à cette incroyable consultante @mariekondo @eliepuerta #wellbeingorganized
EN: Life is magic: first meeting with a magician ✨ 🎩✨of an intelligent #selfstorage. She met the author of this Bible in Tokyo #japan #artiflife #kodo #balance. She’s just gone and an air of freshness is already floating in the house. Thanks to this amazing consultant #mariekondo #magiclife #japan #ilovemylife #ilovemyfriends #instabook #gratefulness🍭🍾☘🙏

(Veronica de Castro)

Elizabeth is a caring person, attentive and very professional. With her, the magic of tidying up will have no secrets for you.

(Stephanie Mochizuki)

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