A better version of myself

We are talking about Well being coaching
Written January 23, 2018

When you live your life with passion and your dream of reaching the moon, the nights are short and sometimes waking up is a bit difficult, especially when you look yourself in the mirror and confirm that your sleepless night are reflected in your eyes of “Panda” (black eyeshadow, small eyes and a little swollen by the lack of enough sleeping time) and not to mention the lack of energy during the day.

“I have the perfect solution for you, Eli ” that what’s my friend Beatriz told me, “… you will see their products are great”. That is how my friend introduce to me one of the best brands of beauty and pharmaceutical products: Nu Skin. And as “icing on the cake”, not only the products are fantastic, but behind this leading company there is a great business opportunity: flexible, international, made for people like you and me: out of the ordinary!

Thanks to these products I have been able to put aside the “Panda” to become the agile “Tigress” with all the positive energy that produces the inner well-being. Now I can dedicate time to my passion for cluttering and to the flowers thanks to this exceptional opportunity. To become distributor of these beauty and pharmaceutical products has helped me to be a better version of myself.

I will be happy to share with you my beauty secrets and my favorite products that helped me to recover again my energy, my own well-being. The strategies I used to no longer be just a little Panda, but the greatest Dragon Warrior!

With all my love and light, Eli