Who am I?

I am Eli Puerta (Elizabeth Escobar Puerta), Organizational & Well-being Expert. Certified Consultant of the KonMari method, florist and coach of the Excellence Coach Academy (ECA) in Switzerland.

I have combined these three passions and professions in a single concept: Well being Organized.

I am also the happiest and proudest mom of Clara and Sofia (4 & 11 years old). I was born in Colombia and I currently live in Belgium. I studied International Business because I love to travel, to visit places, meet new people and new cultures.

For years, I have worked as an administrative and financial expert in several projects that have allowed me to acquire organizational, management and logistics skills and that have also given me the opportunity to interact with people of different origins, cultures and ways of thinking.

In my professional & personal life, I always give the best of myself and my philosophy of life is just to do what makes me happiness. I have been always eager to improve not only my own well-being but also from people around me. I am a lover of organization and harmony. I think that everything has a place and a reason to be.

Finding the internal and external balance of everything that surrounds me and be a better version of myself are my real passions. I have a good sense of humor, I love laughing out loud, sharing experiences and stories. I am a happy, sensitive person and I have a 6th sense. I always want to share love and positivism. I am grateful with life because for me this experience in this world is beautiful and it is worth living it to the fullest. I am also grateful for all the experiences of my life that have made me and make me grow every day.

What do I do?

I do magic: Taran !

with a simple and easy method I make appear the harmony, the organization and the internal happiness that we are all looking for.

I teach and share my experience on how to transform internal/external spaces with order, light and positive energy. I facilitate and impulse that change you are needing in your life to reach a state of happiness & harmony in balance with your own expectations and the life you want to live.

With a special coaching, adapted to your needs, I can help you transform yourself from the inside with an impact on the outside to become 100% responsible of your own life and a sparkling version of yourself.

From my magician’s hat, I can also help you to find out your Ikigai (reason to be in life) and what really passions you. I will share my own experience and passions: Flowers, happiness & organization and together we can create the life of your dreams and find the happiness inside you.

To whom ?

For you, who wishes to find / rediscover the happiness, harmony and inner peace.

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