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A better version of myself

When you live your life with passion and your dream of reaching the moon, the nights are short and sometimes waking up is a bit difficult, especially when you look yourself in the mirror and confirm that your sleepless night are reflected in your eyes of “Panda” (black eyeshadow, small eyes and a little swollen by the lack of enough sleeping time) and not to mention the lack of energy during the day.

The flowers that made me happy – a love story

«… Eliiiiiiiii !!!! You only bought flowers? … ” that was the question that every weekend my father use to ask me. I was the one in charge of the house when I lived in Colombia. My happiest moment of the week in those years was when I had to going to the supermarket to buy groceries.

The magic of tidying up – KonMari and me

I have always had a passion for decluttering and tidying up. To fix, to change, to give away what does not make me feel happy has been for me a way of healing difficult moments. Like Marie Kondo: the most organized woman in the world, I’ve always looked for new methods of organization, cleaning tricks and arrangements that bring me joy.

Breaking news: The Netflix original series of Marie Kondo is arriving

What is your favorite Netflix series?

No matter what your answer is, I hope this will change in the first weeks of January 2019! 😉

You know why? because there will be the new KonMari series that I am sure you will love!

Before – During & After

There is a “before” in life that we should thank and encourage because of all the things that the period teaches us. Then there is the «during» period, in which we have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, to obtain a better and brighter version of ourselves. That magical period is the most important because it is the period where real life happens. Finally, there is the “after” period where we finally get to the point where we wanted to. Starting one more time (and each time it is necessary) is one of the rights and beauties that lives have not given us. So let’s keep doing it: by observing the “before” and learning, let’s go through a period of “during” to grow and learn and arrive at the aging of the “happy” moment of life.

The KonMari Method

The KonMari Method of tidying up is a lifestyle and mental state that teaches people to value the things that bring joy to their lives and at the same time to organize their home/office once for all.

Thanks to this unique method we learn to value objects/situations for the service they provide us and we learn to let go of objects/situations that do not made us happy any longer.

The success of this method lies not only in its effectiveness, because it allows us to tidy up the home/office without yo-yo effect, but also teaches us to be aware, optimistic, to live in the present moment and simply to be happy.

The magic of the “snowball effect” when you decide to tidy up your home

When a snowball starts its journey it begins small, going slowly and not even showing the strength and power it has. Then little by little it starts to grow and to take everything that is in its way. When I started my KonMari experience, I was like that little snow ball and I could not imaging the power that my action was going to have in my family’s life. Today, I am happy and proud of what this life-changing method has given to our family.

I am addicted to…

I have to recognized it! I have had several addictions in my life and even though they were not “that bad” in my personal point of view, they were anyway negative additions. I use to joke at them, to made fun of my additions and talk about the “nice side” of them in order not to confront the real matter behind those bad habits: We all created additions because of a natural necessity of fulfilling our basic needs.

Mentors – coaches / best friends: who are the guides in your life?

Everybody is talking today about being a coach or having a coach! It has become the “must to have”! The thing!

Gratitude: a fundamental need and a magical emotional state

Thank you. Thank you very much. Many thanks. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!