The magic of tidying up

KonMari™ Method of decluttering

The KonMari’s method’s philosophy:

The KonMari ™ method is a lifestyle and a mindset that encourages people to cherish things that bring joy to people’s lives. You car read more about the method in my blog post here.

The objects and situations are recognized for their service and thanked before letting them go if they no longer bring joy in our present life.

People are attracted by this tidying up method not only because of its effectiveness but also because it attaches great importance to being aware, introspective, optimistic, to live in the present moment and to simply be happy.

The philosophy of the method of the Japanese Marie Kondo and all the consultants of her company of which I am also part is so simple and easy to reach as the application of the method itself: “Helping our customers live in a world of sparkling joy through storage”

The Magic :

The charm of the KonMariTR method lies in its power to change lives, beyond being just a useful guide to storing your home/office.

After a tidying up session/coach, we KonMari consultants are used to hearing our customers confirm that they feel much happier and more comfortable inviting friends and family to their home. We also often hear our clients say that they have gone through such an amazing change that has transformed their entire lives.

When you decide to organize your “own little world” (home & office) you start a path full of surprises and unimaginable discoveries. Our environment has a direct influence on our interior and our external world is the direct result of our internal mindset.

If right now the things that surround you are in a complete mess, if you do not feel that happy and you feel that you will never get what you want, then it is the right time to stop for a while and ask to yourself this simple question: What is the lifestyle that I want to have? The answer to this simple question is the starting point of a fascinating travel where you will acquire the ability to keep only in your life only the things that make you feel happy, you will start to organized your house/office and in a point of this unique method of decluttering you will see the magic appears: Not only your house/office will be arranged forever, but you will find inside you the answer to many questions, the light that you were waiting for, your mind will get as organized and clear as your house/office.

If you want to start this amazing adventure in the company of a Certified Green Consultant of the KonMari™ method, you can see the options I offer here and sign up to my mailing list to receive practical advice and interesting tips.


You can watch my promotional video here (only in French):

Personalized coaching (1 hour free)

The process for transforming your home/office begins with a free consultation via Skype or in person. I will be happy to share with you the basis of the KonMari™  Method and see in wich areas you need more support.

Even if you think you are a “hopeless” case, feel free to contact me.  I will be happy to share with you my personal experience and help you to realized that there are not “hopeless” cases.

KonMari Method - Full package

I will personally guide you through the KonMari ™ Method in a series of  minimum 5 sessions of at least 3 hours by session.

Each session is dedicated to a specific category:

  1. Clothing
  2. Papers
  3. Books
  4. Komono (various articles) & Kitchen Komono
  5. Sentimental items

The total price to declutter your home will be based on the size of the house, the total amount of personal belongings and the structure of your family. After our first session, I will have a better estimation of the amount of lessons that should be done to completely order your home.

Offices & Work spaces

Decluttering and having an effective arranging method are key factors to have a direct impact on the productivity and good time management of your company. An organized office awakens not only feelings of trust but an atmosphere of harmony and happiness. The best remedy to fight against stress.



Do you have urgent projects with tide deadlines and you see yourself wasting your time looking for the simplest things, for a document, a pen a contract?

Does your office look “sad” and lack a pleasant atmosphere?

Do not have time for moments of “relaxation” of socialization with your colleagues?

If you have answered yes to only one of these questions, then contact me and together we will find a solution.

Conferences, seminars and animations for organizational events

I will be happy to share my personal and professional experience and knowledge in well-being and organizational techniques and effective methods.

I can adapt easily to a small or large audience and to any kind of group of people (children, adolescents, adults, seniors) My mission is to help “organize the world” and I will be happy to share my experience and knowledge about the Method of KonMari™

Your own project

You want to implement a project in which you need a guide, a coach an ally so that it can be carried out with harmony and smoothly. will fill you with happiness.

I invite you to contact me and we will analyze your needs and the best way to carry out this project that will bring you joy.

Online courses on the KonMari Method

If you have already read Mari Kondo’s books: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and “Spark Joy” and have started your own journey towards organization, but wish to have some support.

I will be happy to create online lessons tailored to your own needs. We can interact then via Skype, Facetime or What’s App calls.

Let's start

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