Gratitude: a fundamental need and a magical emotional state

Thank you. Thank you very much. Many thanks. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

I have ten million reasons to be grateful these last days: for my certification as consultant “Green” KonMari, for my certification as a coach (Coaching by Max), for my new “followers”, for your “likes”, for the things learned, for the things understood, for my wonderful daughters, for my exceptional husband, for my dear little house, for Rosita (my car), for my work, for my life, for the gray sky (I live in Belgium), for the landscapes, for this, for that, for everything …

For years, I have been in the habit of thanking. Every morning and evening I take a few minutes to think about the wonderful experiences (or not) that have happened to me and sometimes I write them in my thank-you notebook. Thanks to KonMari, I also learned a few years ago to thank the things that are part of my life: I thank my house every morning and when I get home I say hello and thank it again. I appreciate my clothes, my books, my papers, my sentimental items. Since then, my life is increasingly filled with love, peace and joy and it is thanks to these emotions that the path I walk every day is magical.

I invite you today to fulfill you with gratitude every morning, every moment, every evening and you will also see the magic and power of gratitude. If you go through difficult times and really do not find a reason to express your gratitude, then start with the most important event of your life: the miraculous moment of your own creation and then you will see that being grateful to life is the most beautiful gift you can offer to yourself and others.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being you, for following me, for being part of my way, for sharing, for your comments, for everything … THANK YOU!

With all my love and light,


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