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Joy & Happiness: A better state of Mind

A better state of Mind

Discovering what you really want in life – Find you “Ikigai” (reason to be in life) & happiness

Now is the time to start living the life you always dream about. Now is time to stop using the same excuses you used in the past. If you are not getting the results you were expecting, then it is time to change the way you have been doing it, so the result will be different.

There is a «before» in life that we need to thank and cheer for because of all the things that period teaches us (most of the time we do not see the “gift” the difficult moments have given to us, but they always gave us something important). Then there is the «during» period, where we have the opportunity to reinvent our self’s, to get a better, shining version of ourselves. That magic period is the most important one because it is the period where real life happens. Finally, there is the «after» period where we finally manage to get to the point where we wanted. Starting once again (and every time it is necessary) is one of the rights and beauties lives have given not us. So let’s keep doing it: looking to the «before» and take the learnings, go through a «during» period to grow and learn and arrive at the «after» happy moment in life.

We can take this pad to find our passions, to reorient life, to get to the moment of our dreams come true, to find those moments of happiness that really counts for us.

As a KonMari™, Consultant & Coach, I have passed for all those «before, during & after» moments, and each time I go through them, I end up being a better version of myself.

In this journey I have been reaching most of my childhood dreams, I have been reinventing myself and I had found new passions. I want to share with you one of those childhood dreams that I realized:

I always wanted to be a florist, but I never even tried to become one because I was sure I could not make it. I had always been told that I did not have a “green hand”. By applying the KonMari ™ method I noticed that I had a lot of clothes with floral patterns. It was then that I decided to take a course in floral art that I followed with passion. Finally, my childhood dream comes true: I became a florist.

Before taking my floral art course at IEPSCF school in Belgium, floral art was just a hobby, a passion that had always fascinated me. My learning as a florist was empirical and self-taught. When I became a florist, I realized that I was also passionate and fascinated by Japanese culture (certainly thanks to a year spent with a Japanese family in the United States during my English studies). So I decided to take a Japanese floral art course “Ikebana” given by an internationally renowned Japanese professor, Ms. Atsuko Bestma and Ms. Atsuko Bestma.

You can see her work on his site: http://www.tonsen.jp/ikebana/

I cordially invite you to look at the photos “before, during, and after” of some sessions with my lovely clients:

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