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Mentors – coaches / best friends: who are the guides in your life?

“Everybody needs a coach. It does not matter whether you are a basketball player, a tennis player a gymnast or a bridge player”

Bill Gates

Everybody is talking today about being a coach or having a coach! It has become the “must to have”! The thing! So since I already fall into that trend (I have several coaches’ and I became a coach myself) I decide to talk about my personal experience with mentoring & coaching and how and why they became the wizards in my life.

My first feeling about coaching is that coaching/mentoring is “a must to have in your life” thing. It is not actually a trend or a “rich & famous people thing”. We all have had a coach, a best friend or a mentor in our lives: My first one was my uncle/godfather Diego. When I was a kid he used to take me to amazing trips (only few kilometers away from my house) that helped me to have an open mind and to see the world in different ways. I use to see uncle Diego devouring books in my living room sofa’s for hours! and his habit became mine. When my uncle moved to the United States I asked him to take me with him for a year to learn English and that experience change the curse of my life. I learned (still doing) a lot from him. He is a real-life example to learn from. Choosing a mentor in our life to guide us depending on the pad we are following is not and should not be a trend. It is a must to do, because their experience will help us gain time. My uncle Diego use to say this: “I would love to have your young age with the experience I have now” I believe the best way to achieve that is to having a coach/mentor in your life. He was my first mentor ever and he showed me that I can have amazing mentors through books and through “normal” amazing people that arrive to our life: family, teachers, bosses, colleagues.

My second point about coaching is that if you really want to move on, if you want to take full responsibility of your life, to over pass the challenges that life offers to you, you should then ask for professional help:I learned that thanks to my father: when my mother passes the way he was lost, he did not know what to do with a 14-year-old girl that had seen her mother going to sleep and never wake up again. So he decided to ask for help and he took me to see a psychologist to help me to go through that difficult moment. At that time having a psychoanalysis was not in vogue and was quite expensive. Luckily me, the person my father choose was an amazing coach, a shaman, someone with the knowledge, sensitivity and experience in life to guide me. With him I learned to be 100% responsible of my own life, to change problems into opportunities, to be happy and grateful every day, to have an open mind, to think out of the box, to go beyond my limits, to go out of my comfort zone. He helped me to overpass my mother’s dead to become stronger, to become a leader, to see my dreams come true. After I moved out of Colombia I had have several coaches, best friends in my life and I can clearly see the difference between the periods where I was “alone” and the periods where I got a support to move forward. We all have the need to be supporter in order to accomplish our full potential and to avoid months, years of frustration and unnecessary stress.

Finally, all the best business persons, sportive, singers, actors, writers, and even coaches have a coach also. They also benefit of the power of having someone to tell you the things you need to hear and not the things you want to hear. They have someone to help them to improve, to become better and better every day and it is not a luxury thing. It is investing in the most important person in your world: YOURSELF.

I had/have the most amazing mentors/coaches/ best friends in my life: Uncle Diego, my best friend Claudia (founder of Meditaser), the writer Richard Bach, who’s books inspired me, Louise Hay, my teachers, Marie Kondo, Max Picinnini, Kubo-san the members of my Trinome team of coaches, … and thanks to those mentors, coaches, best friends,  I am able now to live my dreamed life, to learn and grow every day and to help others as well to accomplished their objectives, to go straightforward to their dream life to a life were magic happens every day. So if you have been walking your own way alone, I strongly invite you to think about getting some support, investing in a coach to help you live your dreamed life, a coach to help you to get rid of the unnecessary baggage and to show you how to enjoy and how to live a life that sparks joy.

Tell me who has been/is your mentor? Coach? Who is the persons that inspire you, support you to be the best version of yourself every day?

With all my love and light,


P.S. Have you seen this video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLF90uwII1k 

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