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Passion & love : How to give them a place in our life?

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what passionate you. Love is the energy of life, let it in. Let those energies balance and harmonize your life

 Passion and Love are two very powerful words that each have a different meaning.  Before I tell you my own definition of these words I will show you the definitions I found, about the meaning of passion and love. Well, in a nutshell, this is what they literally mean: Passion is defined as a powerful affective and intellectual state capable of dominating the mind. Passion is a blazing emotion that is linked to sex, to the point that it makes the difference between living a loving relationship and a passionate relationship (it is recommended in many cultures and religions to resist “their passions” and “overcome the passions”). We also refer to passion when we have an “exaggerated” interest in something: being passionate about shoes, racing cars, fashion, … and finally, another definition of passion is also that of a living feeling that leads you to love (something or someone). If we see now the definition of love is a little “simpler”: Love is the inclination towards a person. It is a physical or emotional attraction to something or someone. Love is a feeling.

I also found, in the different definitions, that the common denominator is the word “emotion”. Now is when, as we say in Colombia, “it gets hot” when the topic becomes an interesting debate.  Because to talk about passion & love is to talk about emotions and to talk about emotions is to open the door to different interpretations, which depend on our life experiences, our culture, our beliefs.

Now I am going to tell you what I think about the meaning of these words. Well, just imagine the context: a Latina talking about passion! I imagine that you have already said “…as hot as Latinas are, they are experts in passion”. I’m not going to get into the discussion of this cultural cliché, but in my own case, I’m going to assume it! Because yes, I am super, super passionate! In all aspects of my life, starting with the sexual, going through the simple things of everyday life, and ending with the spiritual! Passion for me is an emotion that is like the gasoline of my life! Everything and everything I do I do with passion (or else I don’t do it well). When I try to do something that I am not passionate about, let’s take for example something as simple as ironing, it doesn’t work! I do it super bad. But if we talk about tidying up, Mmm!!! I am passionate about that and I can spend hours and hours organizing a place, without getting tired, without getting exhausted, and without seeing the time go by. And that’s where the difference with love is for me: in the degree of intensity. In my life experience, love is something more “calm”, an emotion as strong as a passion but not as intense. Although for me both are necessary, they are complementary, the perfect balance of each other. In my opinion, you cannot live a loving relationship if it is not passionate and you cannot live a passionate relationship if there is no love. This “union” for me should be given in all cases and situations of life, in the couple relationship, in your work relationships, in all aspects of your life (emotional, spiritual, business, hobbies, family relationships). I imagine you will say to me, but Eli, that is exaggerated! You can’t live passionately every second of your life! And I will answer you with a lot of passion: Of course, you can. You can live passionately every moment of your life!

“Passion is a positive obsession. Obsession is a negative passion”.

When we put passion aside or leave it only for certain special occasions (Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays …) we are depriving ourselves of a unique source of energy. There are too many cases where the lack of passion in the “day to day” makes what we love so much ends up ending. There is no more practical example than in a couple’s relationship. When we limit ourselves to love the other, leaving passion aside, the energy of love can end up running out. The same happens when we are all the time with our passion, for example for video games, love is extinguished. That is why I insist that passion & love is like yin & yang, they are complementary, they are inseparable. My invitation also to live a “lovingly passionate” experience in everything you do and in every moment of your life. You will see that you will find unique vital energy, a source of immeasurable happiness, and a way to simply be happy.

So I invite you to live every moment with passion & love. I invite you to give these two emotions an important place in your life, a privileged place, a unique place, and you will see how your relationships, your work, your daily life will be filled with such a powerful energy that you will be able to do and achieve everything you propose.

With all my passionate love, Eli

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