Events & Public speaking

Public speaking really sparks joy to me. I do it since I was in primary school. Talking to a room full of people interested in simplifying their lives, work and to learn how to live to their fullest is also part of my reason for being.

People tell me often that I’m one of the most positive, happy and inspiring speakers they have heard. Through my unique accent and way of seening and enjoying the world, I can share a lot of tips that help my audience to start their own path to the joy of tidying up their lives to live.

Creating connections trough events is also one of my strengths. I organized events that are an experience to live and enjoy.

A sparking version of you (Well-being Inside & Out)

If you are in a period of your life where your energy (physically & mentally) is at a low level, if every morning you feel a great difficulty to start the day with a smile and with a positive attitude. If you feel stress, tired, in burn-out or bored-out, if you feel depress, sad, overwhelmed and you don’t see a way to get out of this situation, then it is the good time to sit down together and talk.

The magic of tidying up with the decluttering Method of KonMari™

KonMari™ is an organizational method (almost magical) to transform our homes and/or offices, based on a very easy to follow rules that allow us to find what spark joy in our lives. KonMari™ is the mix of the surname (Kondo) and the name (Marie) of the Japanese who created this life-changing method of tidying that has become a worldwide trend.

Online Courses

After more than 30 years using the coaching & personal development techniques from the most well know coaches and mentors on the world (like Jack Canfield, Louise Hay, John Roth, …) and after 5 years as a KonMari™ Consultant, I gathered the practices that proved to have the biggest impact.

My online courses will guide you to build the skills and develop personal power to shift from the chaos to a well-organized mind set. In the process you will learn to rediscover a new better you, and you will arrive to organized your state of mind to create the rest of your life as you dream for.

Gift vouchers & cheques

The value of a gift does not depend on its price, but on the heart, you put into it.

Gifts strengthen and define human relationships. By giving a gift, we express our affection and attention to someone we want to please. It is a symbolic element that represents a compliment.

Giving is an act that can bring joy and happiness to others, but also to ourselves. It can strengthen bonds between people and help create a more loving and generous society.


The Nuances® profile

Explore your personality and your ways of functioning thanks to this innovative and fun tool based on colors. The Nuances profile will enable you to better understand yourself and others, which can be useful in your personal and professional life

Client Testimonials & Transformations

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