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If you are in a period of your life where your energy (physically & mentally) is at a low level, if every morning you feel a great difficulty to start the day with a smile and with a positive attitude. If you feel stress, tired, in burn-out or bored-out, if you feel depress, sad, overwhelmed and you don’t see a way to get out of this situation, then it is the good time to sit down together and talk.

You have organized your exterior (your home, your office) but you feel that something is missing: a “spark” a final touch, … let’s look at your “interior” and analyze together what is it that you need to become a better version of yourself, what it is missing to really be 100% happy!

I am sure this is the perfect time to receive an orientation, some guide, and counseling on the changes that are needed to see things «Out of the box».

Contact me, I will be happy to see with you what is not allowing you to get to that point of excellence, of the well-being of complete happiness that we all can have.

I am a certified coach of the Excellence Coaching Academy ECA from Switzerland. This certification was done with one of the most well know French coach: Max Piccinini, together with this formation and with my experience as KonMari Consultant, I am able to give you all the most efficient tools that will help you to get to a happy & balance mindset that will allow you to be a sparkling version of yourself.

A coach can support you from his/her own « state of mind » that means that in order to help you the coach should have overpass the situations that challenged him/her. In my case, since I start my own journey as KonMari Consultant and coach many years ago I had to go through a lot of challenging situations:

  • Mourning (My grandparents, my mother, father, ant, cousin, friend)
  • Not knowing my reason to be (Ikigai)
  • Burn-out & Bored-out
  • The desire to divorce and a lot of incomprehension in my marriage
  • Addictions (you can read my blog post about my addictions here)
  • Low energy, overweight and a lot of stress and sadness
  • Sickness (migraines and strong headaches and myopia)
  • Phobias
  • Cultural believes (that did not let me get to my objectives)
  • Excess of organization and workaholism

Thanks to several coaching techniques, to the support of my own coaches and my personal internal work I managed to overpass all those situations and I am able now to support and help you to go out of those situations forever!

You can read my blog post about my own coaches here

I can motivate you, challenge you, be your mentor, inspire you, but
the most important thing is that I can give you that «spark» that you
need to take the control of your own life.

It is time to take care of the most important person in the world: yourself!

Contact me here and we will start together to let a sparkling version of yourself shine.

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