Tidying-up Workshops

A life coach & organizational coach teaches you techniques to become organized and to simplify your life

 3 Practical workshops:


Children’s workshop: A workshop to learn how to put away toys, clothes, and school stuff and understand how to help your child become independent. 


  Family workshop: A workshop to give you the keys to finding time for yourself and simplifying your life.

  Mom’s workshop: A workshop to get the keys so that the whole family is ready to help you tidy up your home.


Start a “tidying-up festival” and experience organizing your home and life.

Practical and customized workshop


Dates & Practical information :

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Tidy Consultations

The magic of tidying up (KonMari™ Method of decluttering)

KonMari™ is an organizational method (almost magical) to transform our homes and/or offices, based on a very easy to follow rules that allow us to find what spark joy in our lives. KonMari™ is the mix of the surname (Kondo) and the name (Marie) of the Japanese who created this life-changing method of tidying that has become a worldwide trend.

The KonMari’s method’s philosophy:

The KonMari™ method is a lifestyle and a mindset that encourages people to cherish things that bring joy to people’s lives. You can read more about the method in my blog post here.

The objects and situations are recognized for their service and thanked before letting them go if they no longer bring joy into our present life.

People are attracted by this tidying-up method not only because of its effectiveness but also because it attaches great importance to being aware, introspective, optimistic, living in the present moment, and simply being happy.

The philosophy of the method of the Japanese Marie Kondo and all the consultants of her company, of which I am also part is so simple and easy to reach as the application of the method itself: “Helping our customers live in a world of sparkling joy through tidying up”

The Magic :

The charm of the KonMari™ method lies in its power to change lives, beyond being just a useful guide to storing your home/office.

After tidying up sessions/coaching, I am used to hearing from my customers that they feel much happier and more comfortable inviting friends and family to their homes. I also often hear our clients say that they have gone through such an amazing change that has transformed their entire lives.

When you decide to organize your “own little world” (home & office) you start a path full of surprises and unimaginable discoveries. Our environment has a direct influence on our interior, and our external world is the direct result of our internal mindset.

If right now the things that surround you are in a complete mess, if you do not feel that happy, and you feel that you will never get what you want, then it is the right time to stop for a while and ask yourself this simple question: What is the lifestyle that I want to have? The answer to this simple question is the starting point of a fascinating journey where you will acquire the ability to keep only in your life only the things that make you feel happy, you will start to organize your house/office and at a point of this unique method of decluttering, you will see the magic appears: Not only your house/office will be arranged forever, but you will find inside you the answer to many questions, the light that you were waiting for, your mind will get as organized and clear as your house/office.

If you want to start this amazing adventure in the company of a certified “Master” Consultant of the KonMari™ method, you can see the options I offer here and sign up for my mailing list to receive practical advice and interesting tips.

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