The art of making lists and the power of writing

“Making lists is one of the oldest activities of the poet”

The simplicity, clarity, honesty, conciseness and practicality of the lists are the secret of their magic. We are all used to making shopping lists for the market, for school supplies for our children, for movies we want to see or books we want to read.

There are also Bucket lists! “A list of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during his or her lifetime.” That is the definition of “bucket list”.

Unconsciously, we humans are beings of lists, and the more we accept it and include it in our lives, the more interesting and easier this tool becomes. Lists allow us to approach reality with total clarity, to be concise, and simple and to live in the present moment.

If you look in the stores you will find specialized notebooks to keep your lists: notebooks to keep your lists of movies you have seen or want to see, of cooking recipes, of books to read, of places to visit. I spend entire hours in the bookstore in the agendas and booklets section, looking at the incredible number of options. As you might have already imagined, the art of making lists is highly developed in Japan and the West. Making lists is not only productive, but also a practical form of organization, and it is therapeutic. It helps you see and understand the things that your unconscious has hidden.

I invite you to create lists that help you in the important aspects of your life:

1. Daily life – practical life:

Shopping list, dishes to cook, getaways, categories to organize in the house, Menus, …

2. Get to know you better:

List of things that excite me, what makes me happy, the illnesses I have had, the medications I have taken, your qualities, your defects,…

3. Manage your time better:

Make a list of the things that are related to time and this way you will learn to use it better, to stop procrastinating and multitasking. Examples: what takes me the most time, list of my time thieves, list of my energy thieves, things I regret having done, things I do for myself, secret codes, travel list, …

4. Manage your money better:

List of debts, income, and important objects you own

Writing is also a magical tool, which allows us to achieve the power of clarity, which enables us to express ourselves freely, and release the thoughts that our unconscious has stored. It is more than a liberation therapy, it is a way to see clearly what our heart is informing us via our brain. There is no secret to writing, grab a piece of paper, a notebook and a pencil, or your computer and start writing about a topic. You can write about something that you are passionate about, that you feel, that you know well. Write to clarify your doubts, and your projects, to share your knowledge, and experiences, whatever the objective of what you write, do not stop writing. You will see that over time this tool will help you move forward.

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