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Now is the time to start living the life you always dream about. Now is time to stop using the same excuses you used in the past. If you are not getting the results you were expecting, then it is time to change the way you have been doing it, so the result will be different.

There is a «before» in life that we need to thank and cheer because of all the things that period teaches us (most of the times we do not see the « gift » the difficult moments has given to us, but they always gave us something important). Then there is the «during» period, where we have the opportunity to reinvent our self’s, to get a better, shining version of us. That magic period is the most important one because it is the period where real life happens. Finally, there is the «after» period were we finally manage to get to the point where we wanted. Starting once again (and every time it is necessary) is one of the rights and beauties lives has given not us. So let’s keep doing it: looking to the «before» and take the learnings, go through a «during» period to grow and learn and arrive at the «after» happy moment in life.

We can take this pad to find our passions, to reorient life, to get to the moment of our dreams come true, to find those moments of happiness that really matters in life.

As a KonMari Consultant & Coach, I have passed for all those «before, during & after» moments and each time I go through them I end up having an amazingly happy time. You can read my « before – during – After » stories here.


In this journey I have been reaching most of my childhood dreams, I have been reinvented myself and I had found new passions.

I will share my passions with you here in this part of my website and I also will be happy to go along with you in this « before, during & after » process with you, coach you, mentor you and support you.

Here is one of those  « before, during & after » that I want to share with you:

A childhood dream made true:

Before I started my KonMari journey I always wanted to be a florist, but I never even tried to become one because I was sure I could not make it. You can read my story here in this blog post. The first step I took during the period I implemented the KonMari method myself was to decide to take a floral art course and what happens after went beyond my expectation:  I became a florist.

You will see here below my work as a florist. I hope it will inspire you (not only for the beauty of the floral art) but to decide yourself become that you always dream about it. Contact me at any time if you want to have some key strategies to become a happier & sparkling version of yourself!

You can also book a coaching session with me and we will discover together your definition of happiness.



Arte Floral

Floral art (European & Japanese: Ikebana)

Even being ephemeral, floral arrangements have the ability to bring a magical touch to any event of our life. A proposal, a marriage, a baptism, a first communion, a confirmation, a birthday are moments in which flowers bring a unique touch.

Although a flower stops being a flower from the moment we cut it, it can recover its meaning and all its splendor in a bouquet, an arrangement, a flower crown made with love and creativity.

Before obtaining a Florist certificate at the school of I.E.P.S.F.W. In Belgium, floral art was simply a hobby that I used to do in my free time. My learning has been empirical and since I was fascinated by the beauty of flowers, I always tried new arrangements. When I finished my florist course I decided to become a professional florist. I have been also always in love with the Japanese floral art: Ikebana, so I decided to continue my learning and roll the course of one of the best Ikebana teachers: Mrs. Atsuko Bestma.

My work as florist

You can see my creations here and fell free to contact me at any time for that special occasion that you wish to sublimate with the flowers

Creations for home decor:

My 1st level exam work

Creations for weddings:

My good friend Ana Luisa’s wedding. A wonderful co-creation of her bridal bouquet!
A bride flower crown for the daughter of a friend!
Ana Luisa’s wedding flower decoration
Ana Luisa’s wedding flower decoration – Entry


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