The magic of tidying up – KonMari and me

I have always had a passion for decluttering and tidying up. To fix, to change, to give away what does not make me feel happy has been for me a way of healing difficult moments. Like Marie Kondo: the most organized woman in the world, I’ve always looked for new methods of organization, cleaning tricks and arrangements that bring me joy.

When I turned 15 years old, after my mother died, I decided to give away a collection of more than 75 dolls that I had inherited from my mother and that at that moment of my life were no longer making me feel happy. That was the beginning of a philosophy of personal life: Keep only what bring me joy in my life.

Then the trips arrived, I went to live to the United States where I lived with a Japanese friend, who showed me for the first time all the philosophy of the Japanese culture with which I identify myself: harmony, respect, balance.

I returned to Colombia, I did my university studies as an International business manager and for my internship I traveled to Malaysia. A long trip that taught me to learn to travel in life with “lightness” without excess baggage. On my way back to Colombia I passed by Brussels where my heart found the spark of love and happiness I needed (I fell in love of a Korean leaving in Belgium).

After a period of professional changes and internal questioning, I came across Marie Kondo’s book: The Magic of tidying up and that’s where I felt again that “spark” that made me remember my real mission in life. The way KonMari folds, organize, thanks the things that we do not use anymore and keep only what “sparks joy” resonated with me.

The certainty that my mission in life is to help and share my passion became more evident and during the last few years I have learned and grown in my new professional direction. That’s why I want to share with all of you my experiences and the teachings that I have learn to keep looking for a fulfil life full of Joy.

I will share with you through my website and my blog all the knowledge and experiences I had and I am having trough my job as a Consultant of the KonMari Method, follow me in this great adventure and you will learn my magic secrets.

With all my love and light,


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