V.I.P. very important place

VIP: Very Important Person / Very Important Place

« Be a VIP every day because you are …»

In my career as a Life & tidying up coach I had the opportunity to support some VIPs: a princess (a real one) a high-level rank politician, a well-known Belgian singer and a lot of CEOs.  I have done my coaching in amazing places: 5-star hotels, in very chic cities such as Paris, Saint-Tropez, a castle in Spain,  in an airplane, in a Limousine, in several airports & VIP zones.

Let me just clarify that the concept of VIP is subjective because what is considered to be a very important person can change from one culture to another and from one person to another. At the end of this amazing experience of supporting VIPs, I concluded that being a VIP is just a matter of being ourselves in our own place and giving ourselves special treatment. That is what VIP gets all the time: a special treatment a personalized service. So, we can do that for ourselves, we can start to give ourselves special treatment and take our place. That is the new definition for me of VIP: Very important People in a very important Place.

I am sharing all this experience with you not only because I am proud of, but it also because it is time that we start to move into our own place. We have everything we need to do everything we want; we just need to do a single move: Take our VIP place. That is the new challenge we should face now. In this crazy, sad global context, I believe that giving everyone the place they deserve, the place they were born to be is crucial.

Whether it is a princess, a high politician, a housewife, a student, or a jobless, … we are all part of a puzzle, and we all have our own place in that puzzle. If we try to get into another place, it will not work, if we are forced, it would not fit. We had to take the place that is for us because if we didn’t do it, the puzzle would be unfinished.

Every time I got to a VIP event or place, I took the place of Eli (my place), and I acted, reacted, and decided to be myself all the time.  I do not care if people are watching me, judging me, and even questioning my place in their “VIP world”. I do not care at all, I am me, and I am sure of where is my place and I take it. My motto since I was a child has been everything in its place & a place for everything and that includes me! My place in this world.

To be able to take my place (I will even say my “happy place”) I have been developing and using the following keys:

•          Pursuing the life you want to live: If you have a particular dream or goal, go for it! You are the only one responsible for your life, your own CEO.

•          Cultivate peace within myself: Take time for meditation, walking in the forest (Shiring Yoku) or other activities that can help you find inner peace.

•          Doing the things that made you happy: If you have a particular passion or interest, pursue it! Do the things you love to do often.

•          Try more new things: Try new activities and discover what you like to do. This can help you find your passion. Try new jobs and hobbies.

•          Avoid social isolation: Try spending time with friends and family, meet new people, and talk to strangers.

•          Move to a place with a more compatible culture: If you don’t feel comfortable in your current environment, consider moving to a place where you feel more at home. Not only changing country but a house you do not like, a job you are not happy, a relationship that does not allow you to be yourself.

•          Eliminate abusive and toxic people from your life: If someone treats you badly or hurts you, it’s important to take steps to protect your emotional well-being.

Give these a try to these actions, I assure you they can help you find your place in the world. Your VIP Place!

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